Since the 1970s, the center of a melding of psychology and spirituality has been the former Institute for Transpersonal Psychology, now Sofia University.  Now the institution is in the midst of a life-threatening crisis.

Below is an excerpt from a call to action by none other than Dr. Charles Tart, one of the founders of the field (and a good friend of NDE research for all its decades). Since reading his post, I have been in touch with a faculty member who confirms that the situation is as dire as described, possibly moreso. Details, not included here, paint a truly harrowing portrait of what looks remarkably like intentional dismantling.

Here is the excerpt from Tart’s blog:

 Now Transpersonal Psychology is under serious attack.

The main center for Transpersonal Psychology has been the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (now called Sofia University) in Palo Alto, California.  It is a source of inspiration for burgeoning transpersonal centers all over the world.  Founded in the 70’s by Professor Robert Frager, it currently has about 40 main faculty and 500+ students working on Masters and PhD degrees in various aspects of Transpersonal Psychology.  Faculty and student research grows our knowledge base, our graduated students put it into practice in a variety of ways, from psychotherapy to industrial consulting to education, etc.

Two and a half years ago our well-loved President, Tom Potterfield, unexpectedly died and was replaced by a new President.  Since then things have gotten so bad that 100% of the faculty and most of the staff (all of whom may lose their jobs as a result of daring to protest) have signed a petition of no confidence in the current President and Board of Trustees, feeling they have lost touch with the humanistic and spiritual values that started the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, created a climate of fear, and have mismanaged the institution such that we have gone from substantial reserve funds to likely having to close down soon for lack of funds.  This is detailed in the petition referred to below, asking the Attorney General of California to intervene.

In solidarity with the faculty, staff, students and alumni of Sofia University, if you believe applying scholarship and science to the spiritual with the aim of making our world a better place is a worthwhile cause, please read and sign the petition to the Attorney General (reproduced below for reading convenience, but go to the site to sign it).  You don’t have to be a resident of California or even a US Citizen to sign and show your support!


Thank you!

Charles T. Tart

 His complete blog post and the gist of the petition are at

If you would rather go straight to the petition, here is the link:

Much is at stake. When we have all finished shaking our heads at the frustration and imbecility of it all, please consider adding your voice to the petition.

Thanks to Allen Katzoff for alerting me to this appeal.