You thought I was kidding! Well, the hot news is that the Kindle version of The Buddha in Hell and Other Alarms has just gone up on Amazon in the U.S.

Whereas I think of Dancing Past the Dark as a comprehensive overview of distressing NDEs, this second book is more evaluative. Its tone is more conversational and personal, as befits a creation built from rewritten blog posts of the past four years, unpublished writings, conference presentations, and articles from guest authors.  If Dancing is a roast, The Buddha is a casserole. You can check it out at Amazon, even read a sample.

Within the next two to four weeks–as soon as the distributor gets word out to to major international retail outlets–the non-Kindle ebooks will be available pretty much wherever digital books are sold, followed by the paperback version, due out also within the next month. List price of the ebook is $9.99 USD and paperback $16.95, but if you wait for discounting to take place the price will go down.

Once you’ve read it, please do leave a review! With no budget for marketing, the book will get by with a little word-of-mouth help from its friends. As always, you can also feel free (please!) to come here to ask question or make comments.