There’s an amazing, dam-busting conversation going on in the forums at the site:

Titled “The case for distressing/hellish NDE study,” the thread has grown to 104 posts in a week’s time. And they’re substantive, interesting (sometimes downright fascinating), mostly respectful posts. I called the thread “dam-busting” because of both its size and the richness of its content.

All sorts of sub-topics are emerging: questions of what constitutes “reality,” the nature of being, whether distressing NDEs are morally contingent, the role of personality and behavioral history. In short, it’s the kind of conversation we haven’t heard in the past three decades.

Even if you want simply to lurk, it’s worth sitting in. Read through the comments and see the range of discussion. It’s just great! Huge thanks go to RabbitDawg (yes, our own RabbitDawg) for opening the conversation. He really started something! And as always, thanks to Kevin Williams for the site and its wealth of forums. See you there!

In local news, Bruce Greyson has returned from presenting an invited paper at a conference with the Dalai Lama at his compound in Dharmasala, India, and has sent the foreword for Dancing Past the Dark. The book’s index is almost finished, and it and the cover are expected by week’s end. Its appearance for Nooks, Kindles, and other e-readers is definitely coming closer! And because of that, I am awash in the major task of today’s authors, preparation for marketing the book. (If you Tweet, look for me at @nancyevansbush, or from your browser, type ). It’s a whole new world out there!  There is no end to learning curves.